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Bret Marshall

Orginally from Queenstown New Zealand, I started working with the Ecole Suisse de Ski Morgins in 1997. I now live all year round in this lovely village, and enjoy every day in the mountains.

Passionate about Snowsports and sharing this with visitors coming to discover this wonderful skiing domain. 

Fully qualified Snowsports Instructor, through the New Zealand and Swiss Snowsports systems, member of the Ecole Suisse de Ski Morgins. 

I really enjoy teaching beginners or nervous people, the reward is amazing!



Clare Keller

Hi, I'm Clare, I just enjoy people and I love to ski! So teaching others has always been fun and easy for me. I'm so lucy to be on the slopes every day. 

Fully qualified, Brevet Federal with the  Swiss Snowsports organisation.


My name's Tanya. I have grown up here in Morgins, skiing has been part of my childhood as it is with all the children from our village. We play together and have fun in the mountains, Morgins is a great place to be brought up as it is quiet and very safe.

I started teaching skiing in 2013, and am in training for my qualifications through the Swiss system.


Hi, I'm Jenna and I have also grown up on the Morgins slopes, my mother is English and my father is Swiss. I speak English, French, Spanish, German and some Italien. I love languages. I have my first level Swiss qualification and am training towards my full certification. I love to ski and ride all day long!

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